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Troy Balderson

Congressman 12th District 

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Frank LaRose - Ohio Secretary of State

Doug Wills is the kind of dependable conservative we need representing our party  He has proven time and time again that he is a tireless warrior for the conservative cause who works every day to strengthen the Republican Party, the state of Ohio, and our nation. I encourage all Republican voters in the 31st District to vote for Doug Wills for the State Central Committee on March 19.

Sheriff Orvis Campbell - Tuscarawas County

For as long as I have known Doug, he has always been a constant supporter of the Sheriff’s Office, and of Law Enforcement in general. Doug cares quite a bit about the quality of life in the area he lives and serves. I would ask that on March 19th, you cast your vote for Doug Will's Republican Candidate for Re-Election to District-31 State Central Committee.

Janet Creighton

Stark County Republican Party Chairman, and Stark County Commissioner

Stark County Ohio

Don Brown

Former Republican Party Chairman,

Guernsey County Ohio

Dr. Jerry Lahmers -Tuscarawas County Farm Bureau past President 

Doug Wills is a proven leader as shown by the large number of elected republican office holders in Tuscarawas County while he has been chairman of the county's republican party. Furthermore, his involvement with agriculture demonstrates his commitment to the conservative culture of the area.

Tom Ballinger

Republican candidate for Wayne County Ohio

Bill Johnson

Congressman 6th District

Bob Gibbs

Former Congressman 7th District

Joel Day

Mayor New Philadelphia

Tim Bubb

Licking County Commissioner

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Doug Deekin

Chairman Wayne Republican Party

Charles Hardman

Vice-Chair Wayne Republican Party

I appreciate the way Doug represents the entire district, and how he helps us in Colombus.

Robin Hovis

Chairman Holmes Republican Party

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