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In my professional life, I have been a manager of Buehler’s Food stores since 1984, assisting in the continual growth of the business.   During the pandemic, I helped navigate the challenges of staffing, mask mandates, and was able to keep all employees working as well as adding new staff.  

I have served as Chairman for the Tuscarawas County Republican party for over 20 years. I volunteered countless hours for campaigns and party events at the local, state, and federal levels. I also assisted in bringing a presidential campaign to our county and converting Tuscarawas County to a key Republican county.

The State Central Committeeman 31st District Seat should be held by a Chairman with experience that has led and works diligently every day to find outstanding conservative candidates and support them in all areas of their campaigns.

As a member of the Tuscarawas County Board of Elections I successfully followed and protected the law in two history-making cases: Ohio Supreme Court case Wilson vs. Hisrich 1994 and State Representative Al Landis contested election case O'Farrell vs. Landis 2012.

I have a solid record of serving my community, including serving for the following organizations; Tuscarawas County Fair Board, Dover Rotary, York Township Fire Department and Tuscarawas County Board of Elections. 

Voting for the leaders of the Central Committee is key to retaining Ohio as a GOP stronghold!


The Republican state central committee is the governing body of the Republican Party of Ohio and manages party operations throughout the state. The ORP Central Committeeman is responsible for maintaining open communication between the county parties and Ohio Republican Party, including attending events in all five counties.


The Committeeman is also tasked with finding candidates that support our traditional conservative values (including Pro-Life and Second Amendment rights) and assisting candidates with their campaign plans and funding.


Re-elect Doug Wills to lead the 31st District Central Committee for a 3rd two-year term.

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