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Pro-Life Conservative who has always believed in the protection of the unborn and the sanctity of life


Parents have an absolute right to be involved in the education of their children. Also, Masks and Vaccines should be optional and the decision of a student's parents. In addition, schools should be teaching curricula that will prepare students for the future and not racial theories such as CRT. In addition, our schools should not teach, nor endorse alternative lifestyles. 

An enthusiastic supporter of the US Constitution's 2nd Amendment and concealed carry. Also a Member of the NRA and Zoar Gun Club.

As a FREEDOM-loving American and Conservative, I believe if you decide to wear a mask, should be a personal choice, It should also be the decision of each business to decide what their policies are on mask and vaccine mandates. However, this freedom to decide should not include the option of terminating employees or refusing services to customers, who decide not to get a vaccine or wear a mask.


The principle of lower taxes, less government, self-reliance, and personal accountability,


In the 31st District, and throughout Ohio, there are hundreds of farmers facing difficult times with higher operating costs due to insane increases in fuel, fertilizer, feed, and animal medical costs. As a member of the Farm Bureau organization, I have been a long-time supporter of our American farmers. As the 31st District Committeeman, I will continue to forcefully highlight our farmer's needs to the Ohio Republican Party Leadership. Pushing them to support legislation and much-needed funding for farmers, I will ensure that our farmers have a seat at the table. 


Strong AMERICA FIRST supporter and will fight for the ORP to put forth Republican candidates that are America First, conservative candidates.


Pro-business conservative that believes in supporting both small and large businesses. Both are essential to our local economies and basically need the government to get out of the way. As an owner of an essential business, Buehlers Grocery Stores, I have seen every day how difficult it is for businesses to navigate the COVID pandemic for the past two years. I am committed to bringing my experience to the Ohio 31st District, Central Committee in helping our Republican legislators understand the importance of creating effective and supportive policy that helps all of our local businesses. 


Maintain a strong Ohio economy with lower taxes and less regulation.

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